Have You Seen Tim's 1-Hour Special on: 
"How To Break Free from Emotional Eating & Lose Weight Faster 
Without Dieting, Deprivation Or Stress!"
"We are the dreamers, the risk-takers, and the achievers! We refused to stay down, always lean, and help others along the way! We are relentless, determined, and passionate. 

We own our mistakes, castaway judgment, and grow forward. We are ordinary people who accomplish extraordinary things because we believe we can! Jump in or get out of
the way because we are
on a mission!"

The Path To Emotional Freedom!
Written by Tim Shurr
I wish MORE people knew how powerful they are. You are walking around with the ability to turn your biggest DREAMS into a reality, yet we are so deceived by the world around us, it's caused us to feel small and scared...when, actually, you are more POWERFUL than you could ever imagine!

Watch the video and learn why you are only one belief away from creating a major BREAKTHROUGH in your life!

Here's to living healthy, happy and fabulous!

Tim Shurr, MA
Your Success Coach

About Author: Tim Shurr, MA

Tim Shurr is an award winning speaker, author and thought leader whose transforming the way people are caring for their health and happiness. Tim's "brain-training" strategies have been features on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the TEDx stage. He's the author of several books and programs including, Get Out Of Your Way, The Power Of Optimism, Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind, and The Body (and Mind) Transformation Course.
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