If you can get yourself to "stick" with a healthy eating plan, you'd lose weight, right? Yet, stress, a lack of motivation, and horrible sugar cravings often take over. Here's how to triumph over the struggles that sabotage your efforts to get healthier and more trim!


Because you have been taught/programmed since birth to love sugar. Plus, the way people approach exercising stinks! Thus, you find yourself loving to eat and hating to exercise, but you still want to lose weight! 

This is where people lose their motivation and regain all the weight they just lost. This vicious cycle happens over and over. SO, what are we going to do about it?

My name is Tim Shurr, MA., and I've spent the last 21 years helping clients lose weight by "re-training their minds" to crave healthy foods, enjoy fitness, and by releasing self-sabotaging barriers that kept them from experiencing the weight loss results they desired!

In this FREE video series, I'll share what I've learned from conducting thousands of weight loss sessions using peak performance tools from the fields of psychology, hypnotism, NLP, and peak performance. 

You'll learn why there is a 99% relapse rate among dieters (why people lose 40lbs and regain 45lbs!) and what you can start doing right away to get superior weight loss success!

You'll receive 4 training videos that will be delivered every couple of days that share some of my best weight loss formulas that help "retrain your brain" so you can regain your health, energy, vitality, and natural good looks!

This free course isn't a diet. It's the beginning phase of a personal development program where you discover how to upgrade your beliefs, improve the way you communicate with yourself, and establish a new set of habits that lead to a happier, healthier, more attractive lifestyle!  

At the end of the video training, you'll receive an offer to continue your education for a very low fee. Whether you take advantage of that offer or not, you'll gain dozens of unique insights about how to take charge of your mind and waistline! 

In fact, many of our successful clients have said the peace of mind and self-confidence they've gained from our Shurr ! Success Body Transformation system was even better than all the weight they lost. But that's for YOU to decide! 

NOW it's time for you to fill out the form above so we can begin your journey to increased health and happiness together!

Thanks and I'll meet you in the first training video. Here's to making your life a Shurr ! Success.

Tim Shurr, MA

President, Shurr ! Success Seminars & Coaching